Powiat chojnicki, Brama Pomorza

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Education and Implementation Centre in Chojnice2010-11-15


This project is carried out as a part of Action 1.5. Regional network of transfer of innovative solutions. Beneficiary of the project -  Chojnice County – gained over 6 million zł to conduct this venture. The principal aim of this project is “an increase in competitiveness and innovativeness of companies located in Chojnice and Człuchów district” by initiating Education and Implementaton Centre in Chojnice. The direct goal is to create both place and functionality that provide the ability for innovative processes to occur in this region. Furthermore, thanks to this project we intend to create a new product – specific training and consulting services.

Expansion, refurbishing and equipping the building of Complex of Special Schools in Czersk2010-11-15

The objective of the project is the expansion, refurbishment and equipping the building of Complex of Special Schools in Czersk. The aim of this project is to improve access to high quality comprehensive learning opportunities for people with special needs. Amongst others, this object will have gym halls, career adviser’s office, rehabilitation room, a place to support the early stage of development, health prevention room. The school will be able to take care of 160 disabled children. The current floorage is 529.60 m2, thanks to the project it will increase by 1 333 m2, reaching 1862.6 m2. Construction of the sports hall will enable students to develop school sports interests and abilities. It is estimated that the new hall will be used by 1 250 persons.

Building a gymnasium and facilities for the School Complex in Chojnice2010-11-15

The project is in progress. Its value amounts to 5 million zlotys and it is being funded by the County. The aim of the project is to build a gymnasium with facilities for the School Complex in Chojnice. This school is the largest secondary school in the Chojnice County, and it is attended by 911 students. Thanks to this project it will finally be possible to provide decent conditions for physical education classes, which was an issue over the years.

Building a communal multipurpose sports pitch at the School Complex in Chojnice2010-11-15

"Building a communal multipurpose sports pitch at the School Complex No. 3 in Chojnice, Sukienników 13 Street" is a project conducted within the strategy focused on constructing communal multi-purpose sports fields for children and adolescents.

Construction of a gymnasium at School Complex No. 1 in Chojnice2010-11-15

Chojnice County is engaged in many actions aiming to develop possibilities for doing sport in the area. Within the project entitled “Construction of a gymnasium and facilities and a connector at School Complex No. 1 in Chojnice”, co-funded by Fund for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport, we were able to build: a sports hall of 19,22 metres x 31,22 metres, a gym, fitness room, a connector between the school building and the gymnasium, equipment storage, changing rooms, bathrooms and toilet, installations, mechanical ventilations. The floorage is 1 179,39 m2.

Construction of the gym with facilities at the Complex of Schools in Malachin2010-11-15

Another project, in which the beneficiary - Chojnice District - is implementing the project with a value of 3.2 million zlotys, from which funding obtained from the EU amounts to 600 thousand zlotys. The aim of the project, financed from the Fund for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport, was to build the gym in Malachin. The floorage is 1028.19 m2 and it is 9.95 m high

Reconstruction of Lichnowska Street and a part of Dworcowa Street2010-11-15

“Reconstruction of Lichnowska Street and a part of Dworcowa Street to the intersection with Brzozowa street, together with installing traffic lights at the intersection with Towarowa Street” is one of the biggest projects co-financed from the EU reserves. Funds obtained from the European Fund reach nearly 1.5 million, while the whole project is worth more than 5 million.

Reconstruction of Reymont Street in Chojnice2010-11-15

The project, co-funded from funds obtained from the European Regional Development Fund relates to the National Programme for Local Roads Reconstruction 2008-2011. The aim of the project was the reconstruction of county roads – Reymont Street (with the length of 578.1 meters) and the construction of the sidewalk (with a length of 504.5 metres and width 1.5 - 2 metres). In addition, a storm water drainage was constructed within two sections of this road. Traffic signs were installed.

Reconstruction of a county road No 2410 G2010-11-15

Local road infrastructure will be improved thanks to the project entitled "Improving access to investment areas in Czersk Municipality - Phase II: reconstruction of county road No. 2410 G from Malachin to Czersk and a section of Towarowa Street in Czersk ".

Improving the quality of the local road network2010-11-15

"Improving the quality of the local road network in the District Chojnice by rebuilding the county road No. 2610, section G Brusy - Kosobudy" is a project implemented thanks to the European Union reserves amounting to 1.7 mln zł.