Powiat chojnicki, Brama Pomorza

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Launching "Business Chojnice" portal2010-12-10

The portal “Business Chojnice” with a Virtual Assistant was created as part of the project: "District Chojnice - attractive, innovative, investment-friendly" - launching “Business Chojnice” portal and conducting image campaign for Chojnice County under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Voivodeship in 2007-2013. Chojnice District is the beneficiary of the project, and Chojnice Municpality acts as a partner. The project, aimed at improving the growth of investment attractiveness of Chojnice District, was carried out within the Priority Axis 1. SME development and innovation, Actions 1.6. Economic promotion of the region, Sub-measure 1.6.1. Promoting the attractiveness of the region, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The following objectives have been achieved: 1. The image campaign of Chojnice District has been prepared and conducted. As part of a two-step campaign, we decided to promote tourist attractions of Chojnice County by informing of interesting places, events and building the image of the District as a wonderful place for tourists. The second phase of the campaign was aimed at investors. Its main objective was to show the investment attractiveness of Chojnice District. 2. Launching “Business Chojnice” portal equipped with a Virtual Assistant. The portal stands a chance to become a tool that will allow you to quickly and easily obtain information about the district. It will give a possibility to create virtual communities that focus on business topics. 3. Purchase of a stationary Intelligent Kiosk It will ensure the widest possible access to information on tourist attractions, or economic and investment opportunities in the District of Chojnice. 4. Purchase of portable Intelligent Kiosk. Portable device will be used for presentations on the economic attractiveness of Chojnice District during various fairs and promotional events. It will have an influence on the perception of Chojnice County as a friendly place for tourists, investors and the local community.